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nurture your company’s unique flavor

Tangerina is a philosophy backed by a software that profiles and quantifies values and behaviors.

measure and align
your culture

Tangerina will help you to understand what matters for your people and match it with your desired company culture.Guarantee cultural fit right from the recruitment process, create brand ambassadors and stand out from the crowd.

tangerina approach

align culture
Assess where you are today and reflect about where you want to be in the future.
measure cultural fit
Make your decisions come true and get all your people involved. Anyone can, automagically, become a culture keeper.
share results
Turn candidates into real brand ambassadors. Know what they have to say about your company and share your constructive thoughts.


1 opening & 3 candidates3 openings & 6 candidatesUnlimited openings & candidates
FreeLogo + Pay what you want€99/month or €999/year
1 opening & 3 candidates
3 openings & 6 candidates
Logo + Pay what you want
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Unlimited openings & candidates
€99/month or €999/year

awesome companies
working with us

Mónica Silvério - Simphar

It’s great to work with Tangerina! They coached us so we could be able to understand behaviors and values while interacting with candidates, even those amongst us who are extremely technical and not used to do it. It also allows everyone to ponder daily actions and improves our culture awareness.

Mónica Silvério
Executive Director - Simphar
Joana Fernandes - Premium Minds

We were searching for a way to preserve our culture since the moment we’re recruiting a new member. Tangerina made it simple! As a plus, we got all the team engaged in this goal and feeling particularly responsible for that during their interactions with candidates.

Joana Fernandes
People Operations - Premium Minds